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“mooch” installation at Amdavad ni Gufa, art gallery !!

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010


‘Mooch’ is a small experimental installation project done at 72by3 studio. ‘Mooch’ is built using open CV face detection and processing. A camera detects number of faces in front of it and adds mustache or “mooch” as we call it in Hindi, to each of the faces. First ‘Mooch’ prototype was installed for five days at Amdavad Ni Guffa, art gallery in Ahmedabad, India.

‘Mooch” quickly became popular amongst children, elders and old people. A very quick, funny and engaging interaction made every one smile. Different gestures and expressions were captured through out five days of exhibition.
Results are available at
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Friday, March 5th, 2010

Mooch is a small experiment i did few weeks earlier with simple processing sketch. A camera detects number of faces in front of it and adds mustache or “mooch” as we call it in India, to each of the faces.


3d holographic display prototype 1 – video !!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

3d holographic display prototype 1 !!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

here is the first version prototype of 3d holographic display. there are many things to be improved still, but it is working and i have figured out all small bits and peaces. now it is just question of finding some budget and making it professional.

crucial part for success is the glass, precision in production, screen quality, and exact placement of each elements. it was a challenge to figure out the correct optical alignment.
i have used 3d studio max for making animations. for static display, you will have to use 3 videos captured from 3 different sides. but for animated or rotated animations, you could get away with only one video displayed on 3 sides, and no one will be able to notice it.

i have used autocad drawing for alignment of screen and glass pyramid, this is a tricky part. this was a base drawing on which i used processing to load and play videos and align them accordingly.
BOOM, it is working !!!

3d holographic display box

3d holographic display box
processing sketch for video alignment
3d holographic display box
floating cube
3d holographic display box
taj mahal model

Projection mapping tests !!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I have always been impressed and curious by projection mapping technique, and always wanted to get my hand dirty in it. since people use lot of coding and complex software to generate visual graphics and mapping, i decided to explore several of those. BUT they are complex.

i rather decided to start my experiments with manual technique. i started using MODUL8 vj software to do perspective correction in projection, rest was all manual. i used 3d studio max for modeling real object and animation. i worked out projector’s position and angle of projection, replicated the same in 3d max with same dimension as real, did animation and projected back .. boom!!
but i hope to explore more in real time graphics and better animations soon…..
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