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memory wall by jason bruges studios !!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

memory wall by jason bruges studios !!

Each floor/room was given over to a high-profile designer. We collaborated with architect, Kathryn Findlay, to make interactive installations that are the only integrated artworks in the hotel and will be a permanent part of the 8th floor lobby and corridors. Memory Wall shown here is integrated into the lobby space and interacts with individuals passing by.

O2 memory project by Jason Bruges !!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

O2 memory project by Jason Bruges studios
The Memory Project, which is reminiscent of a Victorian cyclorama, is recording a 360-degree panorama each minute over three days. Members of the public can control the circular, time-slip viewing gallery, which will display about 47,000 photos. Heat sensors detect visitors’ locations and activate monitors with the images. As people move towards the edge of the cylinder, photos from 17 April are displayed. When they step towards the centre, the latest images appear. The Memory Project will move from London to Edinburgh and Liverpool over the coming weeks.

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Wino: i make my own window.

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

a small experience prototype of one of my idea around a window.
WINO: is a concept of flexible window, where you can make holes where ever you like and make your own windows where ever you need.

wino: i make my own window from ujjval panchal on Vimeo.

8mm slide viewing and editing machine !!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

look what i have found…..

this is a 8mm slide film viewing and editing device, one can manually roll back and front, and clip.

this seemed relevant to views and scenes from past, and tengible interface to look back in time.



delayed mirror experiments !!

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

i did a very small 2 day experiment just to see what it is like to see back in time, how does it feel when time is delayed?

this experiment is part of some of the ideas i had about a window which has a memory or a window within a  window.


also it is inspired by finomena called deja vu !

“Deja vu”

“already seen”; also called paramnesia, is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously (an individual feels as though an event has already happened or has happened in the near past), although the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain.

these are some of the experiments that i did with a camera and projector, with a simple code to delay playback time. another experiment had a distance detection, closer you get to the screen higher delay you get to playback. surprisingly, this allowed one to control forward and backward playback just by moving front and back from the screen. Interesting surprise !!

here are some videos.

deja vu – delayed mirror 01 from ujjval panchal on Vimeo.

deja vu – delayed mirror 02 from ujjval panchal on Vimeo.

deja vu – delayed mirror 03 from ujjval panchal on Vimeo.